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How to Write an Office Relocation Letter to Your Employees

We recommend involving your employees in the relocation process from the start, whenever possible. That means including them in early discussions about moving.If it’s not feasible to involve everyone, consult with Human Resources so that you can factor in staff needs alongside company mandates when selecting a new office.Regardless of how you involve your employees … Continue reading

office manager plans a relocation strategy on whiteboard

10 Tips For An Effective Office Relocation Strategy

If your business is expanding, you’ll likely be planning an office relocation.You’re in good company.There is a high demand for office space in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary. And despite increased investments in commercial construction, downtown vacancies are low. Rates are falling in suburban areas as well.*Commercial moves are on the … Continue reading

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Q&A: Moving Your Business During COVID-19

Learn about our COVID-19 workplace and delivery servicesAre movers allowed to operate during COVID-19?Is it safe to move my office during the coronavirus pandemic?What steps is Office Move Pro taking to reduce the risks associated with moving my business?How should I prepare for moving during the epidemic?What if my business is considered non-essential and has … Continue reading

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Moving Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Note: The situation surrounding the novel coronavirus is rapidly evolving. This content reflects the knowledge we have at the time of posting. We will post updates as new information becomes available. TORONTO MARCH 26, 2020 Canada’s provincial governments have confirmed that the moving industry provides essential services during the current health crisis. Therefore, Office Move … Continue reading

Things are moving quickly, and so will we.

Updated Saturday, April 4, 2020 In response to the current health crisis, many of Canada’s provincial and city governments have announced updates to essential service categories. Office Move Pro operates in several of these categories. Therefore, we will continue to serve workplaces also deemed essential as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. If your workplace has been … Continue reading

certified partners in injury reduction

Office Move Pro Edmonton Awarded COR for Partnerships in Injury Reduction  

(Edmonton, Alberta) In partnership with the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Safety Council (ASC) has awarded Office Move Pro Edmonton a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for Partnerships in Injury Reduction. Office Move Pro earned the COR for developing and implementing an occupational health and safety program in line with the principles of the program. The … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

Staying organized is the key to a successful office move, because organization saves time. And despite the amount of time it takes to coordinate an office move, we know it’s not the only project you have to manage. While experienced office managers are adept at multitasking, a comprehensive checklist is necessary to keep your move, … Continue reading

heritage relocation case study

Relocating to a Heritage Building: Mini Case Study

Are you thinking about moving your business or non-profit office into a heritage building? Wondering what the experience has been like for others? Here we give you a look into how we helped one non-profit organization successfully move from their home of 13 years to a 4-story heritage home – and offer tips on moving … Continue reading

businessman searching for a business mover online

How to Find the Right Business Movers

This post was originally written by Managing Partner, Daniel Zahorchak and appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. Behind the hustle of small business real estate, a strong force is at work. Movers are busy transporting entire businesses across town and country. But a lot of what they’re hired to do will never happen. Deliveries won’t meet specification, … Continue reading