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Moving Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Note: The situation surrounding the novel coronavirus is rapidly evolving. This content reflects the knowledge we have at the time of posting. We will post updates as new information becomes available.

TORONTO MARCH 26, 2020 Canada’s provincial governments have confirmed that the moving industry provides essential services during the current health crisis. Therefore, Office Move Pro will continue to serve workplaces also deemed essential as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.

That means we are working to support institutional and commercial operations in providing a safe and sanitary environment for their workers to help slow, and eventually stop, the spread of this virus.

Moving services during the COVID-19 outbreak include preventative measures like reorganizing work environments to increase the physical distance between employees, installing new workstations and delivering equipment to reduce the number of people sharing. During the challenging time of this outbreak, many people are required to be in the workplace while others are working from home. We’re helping them get what they need as well by transporting it safely and efficiently, so they can continue doing their jobs.

Our contribution to a safe workplace

Rest assured that we are taking every precaution in line with the latest government guidelines to keep people safe in our work environments and our communities. This includes:

  • diligently cleaning equipment and vehicles
  • screening our employees and clients
  • increasing our physical distance 
  • avoiding close contact 
  • limiting crew sizes
  • not sharing tools

Our teams across the country have added additional measures to our diligent cleaning and sanitizing routines, including higher frequency and extra attention to high-touch areas like moving bins, vehicles and tools.

We’ve staggered the number of people working in our own offices and implemented a work-from-home allowance for employees who can perform their jobs at home. We have also increased preventative measures like rigorous daily cleaning and disinfecting in our offices.

What you should expect from your office movers during COVID-19

Office Move Pro will confirm the details of your move ahead of time by phone or email to limit close contact on site. We will also provide you with a COVID-19 Screening Checklist, to be completed in advance of your service date, for everyone’s safety. When on site, movers will work quickly and maintain a distance of 1-2 metres whenever possible. They will frequently take brief breaks to wash/sanitize hands to help maintain a healthy work environment.

Your contribution to a safe workplace

  1. Do not permit anyone on site who is coughing, feverish, has trouble breathing, has been in close contact with someone who exhibits any of these symptoms, or who has travelled within the past 14 days. Note: this is now federally mandated under the Quarantine Act.
  2. Recommend self-isolation or find work-from-home solutions for employees who are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 due to chronic health conditions.
  3. Disinfect and clean your office, especially high-touch surfaces, at least twice a day, and prior to our arrival.
  4. Maintain a physical distance of 1-2 metres and allow movers to work unencumbered.
  5. Only allow essential staff to be present at the time of moving.

Safety is always a priority for us at Office Move Pro. Now more than ever we are working to keep your workplace a safe and healthy environment.

If we can help you, please reach out