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Moving and Storage Solutions

moving and storage facility with stacked racks

Construction delays? Excess inventory or early delivery? No problem. Office Move Pro provides the right moving and storage solutions for your business. Our commercial storage facilities in Winnipeg, Victoria, Toronto, St. Catharines, Saskatoon, Regina, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are secure and climate-controlled.

So our warehouses are ideal for:

Stress-free Moving and Storage for Business

Don’t let stacks of boxes and unused office equipment take up valuable space when you’re moving or renovating. We can help you manage moving and storage better. Safely and cost-effectively. Our expert team of office movers will transport and store your goods. Then we’ll deliver them to your door when you’re ready. Until then, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your inventory is safe and accounted for. We can also help you unpack and install workstations and IT equipment. What could be better?

DIY Moving and Storage Supplies

Office Move Pro has a range of customized office moving equipment to make your move environmentally friendly and efficient. Among our favourite tools are our very own E-Crates. E-Crates are reusable, stackable, plastic boxes on wheels. They make packing and stacking a breeze. In fact, they’re so good, we offer moving box rentals complete with instructions on how to pack (and stack) your boxes. If you’re rolling up your sleeves for a DIY move, then you need E-Crates. If not, you can book a complete suite of office moving services with us, for fast, efficient delivery of all your office valuables.

Commercial Storage and Warehouse Moves

Our trained installers can safely remove excess racking from your commercial storage facility, or relocate your pallet racking for more efficient use of storage space.

Changing warehouses? We provide efficient moving and racking installation services to avoid disruption to your daily warehouse activities.

Learn More About Our Moving and Storage Services:

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