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Moving & Delivery Services for Extraordinary Times

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As your workplace continues to navigate ongoing changes imposed by COVID-19, Office Move Pro is here to provide the moving and delivery services you need with the health and safety support you deserve. 

How We're Helping Businesses and Industries Across Canada

We’re offering a broad range of moving and delivery services to support your organization in the "new normal." We’ll help you move forward by moving, installing, and delivering workstations, supplies, and equipment to accommodate physical adaptations that create a safer work environment--both near and long term.

On Site

Office Reconfiguration

Office Move Pro can move (or remove) furniture, workstations, and non-essentials to repurpose common areas, direct traffic flow, and increase physical distance between workers so that employees can confidently return to work.

Office Relocation

If your office is densely packed, you may need to occupy an additional floor. Or you may need to move to a new building to accommodate a full workforce. Planning is key! We work around your schedule to limit the number of people in your office.   


First, any furniture you acquire needs to be cleaned. Then it needs to be set up. We can install workstations, partitions, and barriers, so that you can adapt to meet the needs and concerns of your organization and its people.

Off Site

Home Delivery

We provide home deliveries of technology, equipment, and office furniture. This allows at-risk and other employees who are working remotely, to have what they need to maintain productivity and create a healthy work-from-home environment. We'll deliver what you need, where you need it to facilitate remote working arrangements.  

Office Delivery

Direct-to-office deliveries allow your team the time it takes to properly prepare for your move. We'll deliver packing and moving supplies to your office. Boxes, labels, bubble wrap, sanitized moving bins, and anything else you need.   


Surplus office assets should be cleaned, stored, and protected--especially when space is at a premium. We offer safe and secure, climate-controlled storage facilities for furnishings and inventory.

We're Partners in Solving Health & Safety Related Moving Problems

Preparation is critical to business continuity. Many offices are still in a phase of staged re-entry. As a result, there are less people on site, which means packing takes longer. We can work with you to adjust timelines and introduce cost-saving measures so that you can keep moving forward while your employees stay safe and healthy.

If that means working with longer lead times, or customizing solutions to offset staff and building limitations, we can do it. That's because we have the resources and experience to meet your needs. Our goal is to help you adapt your workplace to meet the unique needs of your business, its employees, and customers at every stage.

My VP was so impressed with your team. They were very efficient and professional. We are very thankful for the service. Your patience during this process has been appreciated.
Rosanne Quintanilha, Senior Executive Assistant
Industrious Software Inc.

The number one thing your office needs to be right now is adaptable

Public agencies, facilities managers, office managers, and HR teams are reevaluating what it means to create a safe and healthy workplace. But one thing is for sure, everyone should feel as comfortable and safe as possible at work. That means the workplace, as always, must evolve to meet the changing needs of employees. With COVID-19 and pandemic preparedness an ongoing concern, adhering to new public health guidelines will be a key component of change in the physical environment.

Our approach to service delivery:

  • Our employees are screened prior to each shift. We do not send anyone to a jobsite who shows signs, or has been in close contact with anyone showing signs of illness, or who has travelled, or been in close contact with anyone who has travelled, in the latest 14 days. 
  • Clients are screened prior to service. We will not enter any environment without prior agreement to the appropriate hazard controls.
  • Movers follow all health and safety protocols including physical distancing and the use of PPE.
  • All of our moving equipment and rental equipment is sanitized after each use.

We are sensitive to the role we play in ensuring the health and safety of your workplace. Our focus on customer service remains strong. Office Move Pro crews have shown remarkable resiliency during difficult times. As a company, we've stayed strong and safe to help your workplace do the same. 

Office Move Pro is more innovative than we've ever been as we help companies and offices prepare for their new reality.

COVID-19 Safety Strategies for the Office

Reorganizing common areas, meeting rooms, private offices, and shared workspaces can ensure a safe and healthy environment across your entire facility.

Here are some of the emerging trends we're seeing on the job:

  • Place workstations 2 metres apart, and away from high-traffic areas and higher-risk zones
  • Keep workstations close to natural light and keep live plants in the office
  • Repurpose common spaces to meet physical distance requirements
  • Move critical supplies to convenient locations
  • Install hand sanitizing stations and signage
  • Install new tech for virtual meetings
  • Create reservable workspaces 
  • Add barriers and tall panels

Pro Tip: Invest in modular furniture for maximum flexibility, especially if you're taking advantage of floor space previously used in a common area. It will allow you to repurpose those pieces in a variety of ways when you need to reclaim the space.

The Goal is a Safe Environment Where People Can Focus on Their Work 

Whether you're in a tall tower downtown or a small suburban office, whether your operations are open to the public or private, you are making critical decisions about space that will impact your organization and its people. 

How will you make the most of your space in a post-COVID 19 workplace?

Contact us for support.

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Like you, Office Move Pro is watching closely as workplace trends surrounding COVID-19 continue to emerge. Stay connected with us as we continue to share updates and tips.