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  • Fully Secure and Alarmed
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  • 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse

Let our expertise put your mind at ease.

We’re Saskatoon movers back by over 50 years of industry experience. Our team excels in planning and executing successful office moves for businesses big and small.

Whether you’re making the move to a new office or a new city, our Saskatoon movers are here to help.

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The Best Saskatoon Movers For:

Stress-free Moves

The stress of moving an office can weigh heavy on management and staff. But it doesn’t have to. When you start with the right plan and add a team of problem-solving professionals, the end result is one smooth move. With our proprietary systems, industry-leading equipment, local and national moving support, we can help your team effectively manage every aspect of your move.

Start With the Pros

Every day we see clients improving their work environments to increase efficiency.

But what about improving the process that gets them there?

Many office managers forgo a moving plan to save time, only to spend even more time managing their office move on top of an already packed schedule.

The most successful moves are those with a documented relocation strategy. A moving plan is key to keeping your relocation strategy on track. It helps you manage workflow and communicate with your team.

There are a few things you can do to develop an effective moving plan, while freeing up valuable time.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key. You can schedule moving tasks like:

You can also use your moving plan as a guide for project deadlines to avoid scheduling conflicts. By setting aside a little time to plan ahead, you’ll save a lot of time scrambling to recover from mistakes. And you’ll reduce the overall stress of worrying about what comes next.

Hire our team to plan your move from the start. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a panic come moving day. We can pack boxes, decommission your office, help plan your new space, disconnect IT equipment. Then we’ll transport and deliver it all. We can even reconnect IT equipment, and assemble your office furniture. And, did we mention we’re certified in several major furniture lines including Teknion, Steelcase and Global?

We’re a leading national moving company and your best choice of office moving companies in Saskatoon. From space planning to organizing, packing and installations, our team will be your most valuable asset on moving day.

Commercial Storage

We have a 3,000 square foot, alarmed warehouse that can meet all your commercial storage needs. Our Saskatoon movers will provide fully secure storage for anything that won’t fit into your new space right away. First we’ll pack it, then we’ll store everything from extra tables, shelving and merchandising units, to inventory, sales materials, artwork and files until you’re ready for it.

What’s Next?

Check out these testimonials from clients who use the moving services of our Calgary office movers, Edmonton office movers, Toronto office movers and Vancouver office movers.

Then, get a free quote from our Saskatoon movers.

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