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Moving Box Rental: Zero Heavy Lifting, 100% Protection

Stacks of Office Move Pro E-Crate Moving Box Rental

Packing up an entire office can be a strain on your staff. Assembling awkward cardboard moving boxes, taping and re-taping, lifting and stacking heavy boxes is backbreaking work. So we’ve got a new approach: moving box rental.

What if you could avoid the stress and frustration of packing your office, and better protect all of your company’s valuable assets—including your employees?

E-Crate Moving Box Rental

At Office Move Pro, we offer a unique moving bin that reduces the risk of personal injury (and increases the likelihood of happy packers) by eliminating heavy lifting. Our lightweight plastic moving bins are crushproof and water-resistant with a locking design that guarantees the safety of your contents.

Packable, Stackable, Bins with Wheels

E-Crate moving box rental from Office Move Pro is:

E-Crates are available from our office movers in Winnipeg, Victoria, Toronto, St. Catharines, Saskatoon, Regina, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver

E-Crate Moving Bin Dimensions

Length Width Height
Interior 24.25″ 15.25″ 12.75″
Exterior 27.75″ 18.25″ 13.5″
Capacity 2.7 cu. ft.

For hassle-free, cost efficient moving box rentals, get E-Crate moving bins delivered to your office.