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heritage relocation case study

Relocating to a Heritage Building: Mini Case Study

Are you thinking about moving your business or non-profit office into a heritage building? Wondering what the experience has been like for others? Here we give you a look into how we helped one non-profit organization successfully move from their home of 13 years to a 4-story heritage home – and offer tips on moving … Continue reading

businessman searching for a business mover online

How to Find the Right Business Movers

This post was originally written by Managing Partner, Daniel Zahorchak and appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. Behind the hustle of small business real estate, a strong force is at work. Movers are busy transporting entire businesses across town and country. But a lot of what they’re hired to do will never happen. Deliveries won’t meet specification, … Continue reading

office manager plans a relocation strategy on whiteboard

10 Tips For An Effective Office Relocation Strategy

If your business is expanding, you’ll likely be planning an office relocation. You’re in good company. There is a high demand for office space in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary. And despite increased investments in commercial construction, downtown vacancies are low. Rates are falling in suburban areas as well.* Commercial moves … Continue reading

Moving problems force business people to cover their heads with cardboard boxes

The Biggest Office Moving Problems and How to Avoid Them

You’ve found the ideal office space. Your team is on board and ready for the journey ahead. Then moving day comes, and with it, moving problems. Boxes and bodies are everywhere. People are still packing, and you’re running out of supplies. No one knows where anything goes, or how the new office should be set … Continue reading

Your First Office caption superimposed over a city skyline

Finding Your First Office: What You Need to Know

We hope 2019 is full of new and exciting opportunities for your business. If finding your first office is one of them, let’s get started. One of the most important things you need to know is if your business ready for an office? This is a must. What to decide before you begin the search … Continue reading

snapshot of a professional woman amidst an office relocation

Professional Office Relocation: A Snapshot

Your business is on the move – whether you’re revitalizing a small business or building a global empire. When it’s time to relocate, you need to be up and running again as quickly as possible. As a result, you may be tempted to cut corners: trying to do it all yourself, or rushing through the … Continue reading

Office movers loading bins into a truck

8 Ways Commercial Movers Help Managers Survive Moving Day

Office managers say relocation projects are among the most difficult to manage. And yet, commercial moves are on the rise, which means most managers will be affected by at least one move during their career. Efficiency is inherent in commercial relocation. To be successful, commercial movers have to be organized and act quickly. This takes skill … Continue reading

office staff giving thumbs up for a great work environment

How to Create a Great Work Environment for Every Employee

There’s plenty of advice on how to make your office more efficient and productive. But a great work environment isn’t just about productivity. Defining a Great Work Environment We define a great work environment as a place where everyone feels valued, connected and fulfilled. So how can a physical space meet these emotional needs? The … Continue reading

demountable wall system

4 Design Tips for Demountable Wall Systems

Contributed by Skutchi Designs We are happy to introduce Skutchi Designs – a smart source for stylish demountable wall systems and modular offices. Their owners have over 25 years’ experience in the office furnishings industry. They work with Fortune 500 companies, schools, hospitals, libraries and government, so they know how to design an impressive office … Continue reading

Staff members sharing spring cleaning tips for the office

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office to Make Moving Easier

Whether you’re preparing for a move, or just need to get organized, now is the perfect time to put these spring cleaning tips for the office into action. Spring cleaning helps you document, plan and manage your inventory. It also makes it easier to pack your contents and manage workflow during an office move. With … Continue reading