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compass moving an office in the right direction

Moving An Office Won’t Fix These 4 Business Problems

Inefficiencies at the office can frustrate you to the point of no return – literally! But there are certain internal business problems that moving an office won’t fix. Let’s jump right in and take a look at them, so you can focus your resources in the right direction.  1. Unmotivated Employees Moving an office isn’t … Continue reading

staff reviewing office relocation announcement

What to Include in An Office Relocation Letter to Your Employees

We recommend actively involving your employees in your office relocation from the start. That means including them in the process of finding new office space. But just because your staff is participating in the upcoming move, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send an official letter. Why Send An Internal Office Relocation Letter The main goal of an … Continue reading

Office team members sit around a table and learn how to organize your office for better productivity

How to Organize Your Office and Immediately Improve Productivity

Life is messy. Your office shouldn’t be. Here’s how to organize your office into a state of productive bliss. More and more people are embracing minimalism. And for good reason. It relieves stress, improves health and gives us the clarity to focus on what really matters. In the global bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying … Continue reading

Business people shaking hands after hiring movers

Hiring Movers for the Office: What Business Pros and Owners Say Matters

Companies started paying attention to the efficiency of their office space around the 1960’s. This period marked a shift from open plan office layouts to cubicles.  But only in recent years, have businesses started leveraging their office environments to increase performance by improving employee health and wellness. Successful companies now spend more than $9.3 billion … Continue reading

16 different office layouts

16 Quick & Easy Office Layouts that Boost Business Results

Do you get lackluster performance from employees? Try changing office layouts! Here’s how these simple office layouts can improve happiness and productivity at work. Your office reflects and reinforces your company’s culture. According to Deloitte University Press, 82% of respondents to the 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Survey believe culture is a potential competitive advantage. … Continue reading

office chairs we love

Office Chairs We Love

The average office worker sits for 10 hours a day. That’s about double the time experts say you should sit each day. With this reality in mind, we polled our cross Canada team for their top recommended office chairs. Their responses offer something for everyone.  As professional office movers and furniture installers, we’ve seen (and … Continue reading

creating an office plan with diagrams and sticky notes

Creating A New Office Plan of Attack​

This office plan is about figuring out what needs to be done and when, so your new space is move-in ready when you are. The A, B, C’s… and D’s of The Office Plan Assessing the Assets Review your current assets, like printers, computers, workstations and other furniture. Then, decide what equipment you’ll need to … Continue reading

What to Do When Moving Offices Causes Emotional Distress

There’s a degree of anxiety inherent in any workplace change. But moving offices? Moving can be surprisingly unsettling for many employees. What some view as an exciting opportunity, others see as a threat. But it isn’t always easy to know how employees really feel. Recognizing Signs of Emotional Distress   For office managers, maintaining a safe … Continue reading

Health promotion ideas like staff yoga in the office

6 Simple Health Promotion Ideas Your Office Can Action Now

What could you change right now to improve wellness in your office? Stumped? Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. We’ve got six proven health promotion ideas that can make a difference to your employees’ mental, emotional and physical well-being. Effective immediately. 1. Fuel Your Workforce If this seems too obvious, … Continue reading

Staff Celebrating Their New Office Space

​Choosing New Office Space: A Four-Step Process for Getting It Right

If you can identify with any one of The 10 Best Reasons to Move Your Office, it may be time to start searching for new office space. But where to begin? There are four main steps you need to take: Allow yourself enough time to choose the right office space Establish meaningful criteria for measuring … Continue reading