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Turnkey Office Furniture Removal Services

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Reduce, Reuse, Recoup!

Do you need furniture removed because your office is moving, renovating, or closing? Do you want to maximize the value of your assets? Then make a move your company can feel good about.

Our team offers professional office furniture removal and disposal services. We remove, store, deliver, donate, resell, and recycle surplus office furniture and equipment.

It doesn't matter whether you move everything at once, in stages, or at the last minute. We make your transition between office spaces seamless.

When Green Standards was looking for a moving partner for a range of projects, they chose Office Move Pro. Green Standards is a leader in sustainable decommissioning. So they needed a furniture removal service they could trust to meet their standards and carry out many large projects at once.

I want to express my gratitude to you and your crews during the Enbridge project and the two other large projects you were working on for Green Standards at the same time. It has been a pleasure working with you thus far. Again, I thank you for an excellent job. Well done!

Green Standards Ltd.
Tyler Ostrom

You can draw on two primary strategies for office furniture disposal. The first is to work with a professional office furniture removal service. The second is to maximize the value of your unwanted office furniture. 

Office Furniture Removal Services

Getting rid of old office furniture is easier when you have help. And we're not just talking muscle. Of course, we do the heavy lifting to remove surplus from your office space. But we can also help you assess options for office furniture disposal. So whether you're a seasoned facilities manager or new to the removal of office furniture, we can help.

What you choose to get rid of will depend on many factors:

  • The age and condition of your office furniture and equipment
  • The size of your office space
  • Your company values

Changes in office layout may also be a determining factor in the removal of office furniture.

Some businesses update their office equipment more often than others. It may be necessary to remain competitive and productive. Resale is often part of the process for managing these types of upgrades. Small and non-profit offices may keep their furniture until it is no longer useable. In this case, office furniture recycling will be the best option.

When you vacate an office space, you must remove ALL your assets, even if you're not taking them with you. We can help you take stock of everything in your office space and determine what will go—where, when, and how.

You're only a phone call away from clearing the clutter and moving your office forward.

How it works:

Before you can decide how to get rid of used office furniture, you need to audit your current assets. An audit will include outdated pieces of furniture, unused items, and broken objects. Once we know what to remove, we can make a plan for office furniture disposal. This plan will meet your goals for the removal of office furniture. And it will meet best environmental practices for office furniture recycling.

Getting rid of office furniture is one thing. Getting rid of office furniture with minimal disruption is another. That’s where we shine as professionals. Our experienced team is fast and efficient. Once we remove your office furniture, your office space will be ready for the next step.

Our office furniture removal services clear your office space from curtains to carpets.

  • Filing cabinets
  • Desks and desk chairs
  • Conference room furniture
  • Workstations
  • Partitions
  • Artwork
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Equipment
  • Cubicles and panels
  • Shelving
  • Computers and cabling 

Office cubicle removal services include the systematic dismantling of wood, carpet, or glass dividers. Our process makes it easy to reassemble them or separate materials for recycling.

Set an office furniture removal goal.

The best goals put your company values into action. For example, is reducing corporate waste a priority for your company? If so, you want to engage in an office furniture recycling program for unsalvageable items. Does this project reflect your corporate social responsibility? If it does, donate office furniture to local charities and community-based organizations. Or are you aiming to stretch a small budget? In this case, you may recoup some of your costs by selling gently used items. We’ve helped clients do all the above. If you’re not sure where to donate office furniture or how to sell it, speak with our movers. When we know your goals ahead of time, we can help you meet them. Our clients have made valuable contributions to their communities. Join them by donating office furniture and avoiding office equipment disposal. So what does “getting rid of old office furniture” mean to you?

Develop a plan for office furniture disposal.

Getting rid of old office furniture doesn’t have to be a chore. We will review the available options with you and help you understand the pros and cons of each. Then you can make the best decision for your office space, timeline, and budget. You get to decide how you want to dispose of your used office furniture and equipment. The office furniture removal plan outlines each item, including its delivery and disposal. 

Prepare your office furniture for removal.

Once you identify the pieces for removal, you can prepare and label them. Make sure you remove documents from filing cabinets and empty desk drawers. Employees will also have to remove any personal effects from their office space. Decommissioning your office space, you need to clear everything out as per your lease. In addition to office furniture removal services, you may need cleaning services and minor repair work. The goal is to return the office space to its original state.

Getting rid of office furniture? Be sure to time it right.

When do you need furniture removed from your office space? Will you be moving in phases or all at once? The best way, and the best time, to remove furniture varies by business. Our movers can work after hours and on weekends to reduce the impact on your day-to-day operations. In general, it’s best to move outside of business hours. But professional office movers don’t invade your office space any more than we have to. We make sure we have the necessary equipment to remove everything on your list when we arrive. Our movers know where to go and who to contact. They start on time and stick to the schedule.

Maximize Your Assets

Unlock the full potential of your used office furniture: update your office space and get organized. Recoup costs and help the planet by recycling scrap metal. These are strong incentives to get rid of old office furniture. But there are other rewards too, which come from redistributing used office equipment. Your move manager will work with you to identify the items you want to redistribute. Then we can find buyers through our network of clients and partners. We can also find organizations where you can donate office furniture. Unwanted office furniture, no longer serving your business, can still be of good use.

Systems for redistribution:

Office furniture disposal does not have to mean landfill. Selling unwanted office furniture or making office furniture donations also defers waste. When this isn't an option, we recommend responsible office furniture disposal. We can redistribute your unwanted office furniture. Or we can arrange office furniture recycling on your behalf. But getting rid of office furniture the right way takes a little more effort. Start by working with a reputable company. Find a service you can trust to follow the rules and make responsible recommendations. Being accountable to your company and your community is easy and quick when you have the right team. 

Office furniture donation.

The simplest way to repurpose used office furniture is to donate it. Donate to a local charity, a community organization, or a nearby school. There is always an office space in need of change. Donations, unlike other types of office furniture disposal, have intrinsic value. Donating is also effective in supporting your company culture. When you donate office furniture instead of disposing of it, you can help a cause that matters to you. If you have already arranged to sell or donate your furniture, we can deliver it. So spark the engine that drives change; donate used office furniture. Improve your office, and maybe someone else’s too!

We wanted to acknowledge your outstanding office furniture donation. Thank you to you and your team for prompt and efficient delivery! We truly appreciate your generosity towards our school community.

Western Quebec School Board
Tracy Charles

Office furniture resale.

Reselling used office equipment is another form of alternative office furniture disposal. And in some cases, it can even help offset part of your office furniture removal costs. If you already have a buyer, our office furniture movers can deliver the items on your behalf. Or they can arrange the sale and delivery of your used office furniture and equipment. Brokering on your behalf involves more planning and working hours for our move managers. But notifying us of your intent to sell at the outset will help us find a buyer faster. We find buyers for many of our clients. And we support their goals for redistributing their office surplus. It starts with a detailed inventory, including the condition, the age, and the size of every item you want to sell.

Office furniture recycling.

Office furniture recycling isn’t limited to scrap yards and recycling centres. Reuse is another way to recycle. But whenever that's not possible, we recycle unsalvageable office furniture and equipment. Recycling is a good choice for items at the end of their useful life. When creating the list of articles you wish to have removed, we will identify what to recycle. Our office furniture recycling includes electronics and appliances. If you have any questions about what is recyclable or how to prepare items for recycling, let us know. We help companies reduce thousands of tonnes of landfill waste by recycling. So we know how to implement a successful recycling program.

You may decide that a combination of options is suitable for your inventory. And in most cases, this is what we recommend. The newer and more desirable your office supplies, the more likely they will sell. The more organizations in your community that are in need, the easier it will be to donate. Office furniture disposal in landfills, and office furniture recycling, are always a last resort.

Find a new way to deal with unwanted office furniture. Contact us today!

End-to-End Office Furniture Removal Services

The removal of office furniture is often one part of a larger project. That project may be a remodel, renovation, or relocation. Regardless, we can support you through every phase. Not even junk removal companies have the range of capabilities we do. At Office Move Pro, trained crews uninstall your furniture systems to manufacturer specifications. Certified installers avoid damage and save time. And they increase packing, transport, and storage efficiencies. We also know local office furniture recycling rules and regulations, so we can dismantle your office furniture and sort it for recycling. We separate wood, carpet, glass, metal, and plastic to scrap and recycle as appropriate. 

Are you replacing furniture? If so, we can install your new systems while dismantling the old ones. Are you looking for a responsible alternative to buying new office furniture? We may be able to recondition your office furniture. Refurbishing can save you money if you are not ready to invest in new furniture and equipment. 

We can also store excess office furniture, which gives you time to decide if you can use it in your new office space.

So whether your business is moving or closing, choosing a full-service moving company is the easiest way to streamline the office furniture removal process. And it will save you time and money as you transition.

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