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Turnkey Office Furniture Removal

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Reduce, Reuse, Recoup!

Do you need office furniture removal because your business is moving, renovating, or closing?

Do you want to maximize the value of your assets?

Then make a move your company can feel good about.

Our experienced team manages office furniture removal - and responsible disposal - through our ENVIROMOVE program. We can even resell or donate office furniture for you.

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We recently used the services of Office Move Pro to deal with the removal and disposal of our office furniture after we moved to our new office. They were able to locate a buyer for all of our office furniture, which completely covered the cost of the furniture removal. I would highly recommend the services offered by Office Move Pro.

— Tom Smolic, Manager Finance, New Westminster, B.C. Transit Police

More ENVIROMOVE Clients:

ENVIROMOVE makes it easy to get rid of unwanted office furniture while helping your company reduce landfill waste and create a positive social impact.

How It Works

First, we'll confirm everything that needs to be removed from your office. Then we'll develop a plan for removal using best environmental practices. 

If you are decommissioning your office, we’ll need to clear everything out of the space as specified in your contract. This may include professional cleaning and minor repairs in addition to removing all of your equipment and furniture.

Did you know: When you vacate a leased or rented office space, you are responsible for returning it to its original condition in accordance with your lease agreement or rental contract? If not, you could be liable for additional costs.

Finally,  we'll provide you with an ENVIROMOVE management report. This report details the removal, redistribution, and disposal of your office contents.

Office Furniture Removal May Include:

  • Donating Donating is an altruistic way to extend the useful life of your office furniture and equipment by supporting the community that supports your business. On your behalf, Office Move Pro can arrange donations to local charities and other organizations in need.
  • Refurbishing Looking for a responsible alternative to buying new? We can recondition your office furniture to avoid untimely waste. Refurbishing will also save your company money if you’re not ready to invest in new furniture and equipment just yet.
  • Resale Offset the cost of moving by selling used and useful items to other businesses. Not only will you recoup a share of your moving costs, you will avoid disposal fees and landfill waste.
  • Moving and Storage Unless your business is permanently closing, you’ll need to move at least some of your assets. We’ll deliver what’s needed on time, and we can set it up exactly where you want it. We can also store any excess office furniture and inventory until you’ve decided whether or not it can be used in your new space.
Tip: Whether your business is moving or closing, choosing a moving company that offers end-to-end move management services will save you time and money. It’s the easiest way to streamline the office furniture removal process to help your company reach its transition goals.

At Office Move Pro, our crews are trained to uninstall your furniture properly to avoid damages. We can help increase packing efficiency, and transport and store your valuable assets with care.

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Environmentally Responsible Office Furniture Disposal

Wherever possible, we recycle unsalvageable furniture and equipment. In addition to the environmental benefits of putting more materials into the recycling system than the landfill, responsible disposal can create financial benefits for your company.

The Facts On Corporate Waste

Every year, businesses continue to dispose of millions of tons of recyclable materials and electronic waste in Canadian landfills. This contributes to:

  • Land and water pollution in the communities where we work and live
  • Climate change from harmful greenhouse gases
  • Increased strain on our natural resources

ENVIROMOVE helps your company effect positive environmental change.

Companies that recycle in big ways and small are proving that they really do care about the environment. Through programs like ENVIROMOVE, your company can demonstrate its commitment to the environment and local community while improving the bottom line.

You're only a phone call away from clearing the clutter and moving your office forward.