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What to Include in An Office Relocation Letter to Your Employees

staff reviewing office relocation announcement

We recommend actively involving your employees in your office relocation from the start. That means including them in the process of finding new office space.

But just because your staff is participating in the upcoming move, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send an official letter.

Why Send An Internal Office Relocation Letter

The main goal of an office relocation letter is to provide reassurance and clarity for your staff.

Offer Reassurance

Moving offices can cause a great deal of stress. Concerns range from increasing commute times to fear of job loss. So your number one goal is to put people at ease.

Begin with a positive introduction. Then explain the reasons for the move, and how your company will benefit from relocating. Give specific examples like cost savings and amenities.

If your company is downsizing, be sensitive. Don’t pretend it isn’t happening. Address the change respectfully in your announcement and provide ways for employees to easily respond, ask questions or connect with each other.

Then lay out a clear plan, as far as one has been decided.

A basic office relocation announcement will include:

  • A general timeline with important milestones
  • A target move date
  • Staff responsibilities
  • A meeting date to discuss the announcement further

Commit to keeping staff updated. Start by scheduling a meeting to discuss the office relocation. This is a great opportunity to form committees so that staff become participants instead of observers. Which brings us to your next objective.

Your Secondary Purpose is to Engage Your Employees

Assign tasks. Then provide instructions and tools to help your staff complete them. This information may be better suited to follow up office relocation notices.

Another office relocation letter should be issued to employees once a firm timeline has been established. This second notice outlines responsibilities including:

  • Staff assignments
  • Packing deadlines
  • Packing instructions
  • Computer downtimes
  • Company limitations
  • Transportation and parking notices
  • What to do after arriving at the new location

At Office Move Pro, we provide detailed packing instructions for everything from desk contents to artwork. And our move coordinators will help you arrange a clear plan for moving day, which you can share with your staff. 

Additional Tips for Writing an Office Relocation Letter:

  • Draw attention to key dates by bolding or highlighting them
  • Use official company letterhead, not email
  • Be as specific as possible
  • Designate contacts

Make your staff aware of management decisions that affect their jobs, in advance, and they will repay you with their loyalty.

Because a culture of communication drives dedicated employees.

It also reduces gossip, stress of the unknown, and results in selecting a better office space.

For help navigating an upcoming office relocation, contact us today.