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Q&A on Moving Your Business During the Coronavirus - Office Move Pro

Q&A on Moving Your Business During the Coronavirus

Are movers allowed to operate during COVID-19?

Yes. Because the moving industry provides essential services for people, businesses and institutions, movers are still able to operate at this time. At Office Move Pro that means we’re moving furniture to facilitate physical distancing, setting up safer workspaces for essential workers, decommissioning spaces, and providing storage for temporarily closed businesses. We’re also providing transportation, delivery, installation and other services as facilities managers strive to meet the needs of their tenants and workers.

Is it safe to move my office during the coronavirus pandemic?

To ensure there is no greater risk to anyone’s safety during this time, you and your movers must commit to taking all necessary precautions prior to entering your facilities each day, and for the duration of your moving service. These precautions include, but are not limited to, regularly screening employees and visitors -- especially those who are present during your move -- putting thorough cleaning protocols in place and prioritizing hygiene, among other practices recommended by public health officials.

What steps is Office Move Pro taking to reduce the risks associated with moving my business?

Office Move Pro continues to be responsive to the changing needs of our employees, clients and communities as the COVID-19 situation unfolds. We screen our employees prior to each shift. That means we do not send anyone to a jobsite who shows signs, or has been in close contact with anyone showing signs, of illness or who has travelled, or been in close contact with anyone who has travelled, in the latest 14 days. We screen our clients prior to service as well, which means we will not enter any environment without prior agreement to the appropriate hazard controls. For more ways we are helping to make your move safe, please read this message from our president. To learn what you can do to contribute to a safe move, continue reading below.

How should I prepare for moving during the epidemic?

Preparation is key when it comes to managing a business move. But in these uncertain times, it matters even more. The better prepared we are, the less time we will have to spend in your office. That means we won't occupy your valuable space any longer than we need to. 

Provide your movers with a clear floor plan and layout ahead of time. Sanitize your office prior to our arrival. Have staff sanitize smaller personal items and use the packing materials we provide, like baggies and labels, to reduce handling. When people are packing, make sure they keep their distance from each other, wear gloves if possible, and wash their hands frequently. Use the sanitized moving bins we provide rather than bringing in outside boxes. Remember to book the elevators if there are other people in your building so that hallways don't become crowded.

We recommend that you verify move-in procedures with your new building management prior to scheduling your move. Ensure they are still allowing new tenants at the time of your scheduled occupancy. You should also understand any protocols for deliveries, elevator use, building entry and the number of people allowed at a time.

On moving day, limit the number of people on site to only essential staff. We will do the same. Maintain a safe distance (2 metres) from our crew as you would others in your office. Provide clear directions to washrooms and make hand sanitizers easily accessible. Leave as many doors open as possible so our crew can easily move through doorways and corridors without touching handles or keypads.

Once your items are unpacked and installed in their new place, sanitize them again.

What if my business is considered non-essential and has been shut down? Can you still help me move?

We understand you may still need help transitioning your operation, even if government orders require your workplace to close or deny the public access to your building. You may need temporary storage for furniture, equipment or inventory. You may need to decommission, or simply vacate your space. If it’s not possible to postpone your move - whether for financial, safety, or other concerns - we can help.

We are sure you'll have more questions about moving your business during this difficult time. We will continue to update this post to provide answers. In the meantime, if you have a question, please ask. We are ready to help.