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How to Organize Your Office and Immediately Improve Productivity

Office team members sit around a table and learn how to organize your office for better productivity

Life is messy. Your office shouldn’t be.

Here’s how to organize your office into a state of productive bliss.

More and more people are embracing minimalism. And for good reason. It relieves stress, improves health and gives us the clarity to focus on what really matters.

In the global bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo writes that reorganizing the home “is life transforming.”

Modern office managers are now contemplating ways to harness this transformative power at work.
The simple answer is: Organize.

Because when you do, you’ll simplify people’s jobs and bring a sense of accomplishment to their work. And it’s no secret that efficient and satisfied employees are a key factor in improving office productivity.

If you’re interested in how to organize your office from the start, read about developing a new office plan. If you want to know to organize the office you’re in, read on.


Start with visible clutter, like paperwork. Then move on to drawers and filing cabinets, ruthlessly tossing and shredding anything that isn’t a useful or valuable tool. But don’t stop there! Encourage weekly purging as a habit to prevent clutter from creeping in. This is a perfect task for Friday afternoons when work is winding down. Arriving at a well-organized workstation on Monday morning will be a big energy boost, especially after a hectic weekend. A desk that’s primed and ready-to-go on Monday, can set the tone for the entire week.

Centralize Files

Now onto the “dirt” you don’t see. Digital clutter hinders our performance just as much as those daunting stacks of paper. By organizing your files in a central shared drive, you can get more work done. Faster. Your team can spend more time doing and less time searching. This will also free up more time for you to do your own work. If your team can easily find things on their own, they won’t need to ask you to find it for them.

Buy Less, Invest More

When it comes to software and subscriptions, buy less and invest more. Buy fewer products that can do more for your business. Invest more time into choosing the best option. And invest more time into fully understanding their capabilities. Streamlining your software and making sure your entire team can maximize its usefulness will keep projects, tasks and people happily on track.

Improve Workflow

Initiate standard operating procedures for repetitive tasks and document them in your shared drive. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t invest time into documenting their processes. But this organizational tactic saves time everywhere. In meetings everyone is aware of the next steps because they’re recorded. Team members can quickly jump in to assist co-workers by following an outlined procedure, and new employees get up to speed in less time.

How to organize your office workflow physically:

Strategically place furniture, equipment, and even supplies so people can quickly get to where and what they need. Studies have reported a 15% increase in time spent on-task, and as much as 50% improvement to productivity in more menial tasks as a result of improving office layouts.

For another approach to productivity, learn how to organize your office using the principles of office feng shui.

Why You Need to Know How to Organize Your Office Now

Someday. Somehow. You’ll need office moving services. When that time comes, you’ll be thankful for the day you ushered in an organized office culture. There will be less to pack. Less to move. And everything will be easier to find in the new location when you know how to organize your office. We have clients who do a fantastic job of keeping their office organized. In the end it always same them time and money.

So there you have it: How to organize your office and improve productivity immediately.

Are you ready to simplify your office life?

Make time for it this week.

You may be so motivated you’ll actually tackle the garage when you get home.

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