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Office Feng Shui in a Day

Feng shui office desk with computer, lamp and lucky bamboo

Learn how you can apply the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energy to your office – even if you don’t have the luxury of rearranging the furniture.

While you may not be able to redesign your entire office, you can still incorporate many of the key principles of office feng shui to create a calm and happy work environment – even if that environment is only a desk.

Declutter Your Way to Good Office Feng Shui

Start by decluttering your space. While meaningful and beautiful objects will have their place, you need to remove all non-essentials before adding anything else. This will make it easy to identify which objects truly impact your wellbeing and which detract from it. You may be surprised.

The Feng Shui Desk

The next step is to position your desk. Ideally, you want to sit facing the door to your office with your back to the wall. This position symbolizes protection and welcomes opportunity. If this arrangement isn’t possible, if for example, you work in a pod, place a mirror on your desk to reflect the entrance to your workspace.

Your Office Feng Shui Layout

Whether you’re going to feng shui your entire office or only your desktop, use the layout below to guide your actions. You can conceive of any space as being comprised of these 9 areas, viewed from the entrance to your space. Don’t focus any one area over another; balance is the name of the game when planning your feng shui layout.


Feng shui layout
              Feng shui layout by area

Now, this is where those meaningful objects come into play. It’s important to use items that are special to you (or that you find attractive) in your office feng shui layout. Otherwise, you won’t generate the positive energy you need.

Objects are only imbued with the energy we give them. So if you don’t relish a lucky dragon or golden frog figurine, it won’t benefit you as much as a simple object that has personal meaning or brings you joy.

Here are some suitable objects for each area to enhance the feng shui of your office:

Wealth Area: Bamboo, or any live plant; a crystal paperweight

Reputation & Fame: Awards and accomplishments; a motivational image; a computer

Relationships: Any (positive) image or object depicting a pair

Family: A family photo in a wooden frame

Health: This central area is enhanced by square objects in yellow, orange, brown or red, and is also a good place for a computer

Creativity & Children: Puzzles or brain games; a picture of the children in your life

Wisdom & Knowledge: Books

Career: Keep this space clear; especially avoid square, flat objects (like sticky notes)

Helpful People & Travel: Address book; travel itineraries

A feng shui approach to design and organization in your office can improve the quality of your workday. The positive energy you create will invigorate anyone who enters your space. And as we all know, happy people are productive people.

If your office needs an overhaul, we can help move and install furniture to bring a renewed energy to your space. It all starts with a free quote.