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Office Chairs We Love

office chairs we love

The average office worker sits for 10 hours a day. That’s about double the time experts say you should sit each day. With this reality in mind, we polled our cross Canada team for their top recommended office chairs. Their responses offer something for everyone. 

As professional office movers and furniture installers, we’ve seen (and heard) a thing or two about office chairs. Like what features really matter, and which stand the test of time. If you want to find lasting love when it comes to your office chair, we can help.

Our Top Pick in Regina: Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is an office favourite for its groundbreaking, functional design.

While there is so much to love about this chair, including innovation and quality, what I think makes it stand out is the size selection. The Aeron has long been available in three sizes (A, B, and C) which makes it easy to achieve uniform design at the office without sacrificing individual comfort. Anyone who is above or below average height can attest to the difference this makes.

Herman Miller has a video on their website explaining the iconic Aeron chair, and how they’ve “remastered” it for today’s work environment. If you’re a fan of design, it’s definitely worth a quick view.

Herman Miller Aeron chair
Aeron chair by Herman Miller

The Calgary Team Recommends the Steelcase Gesture Chair

Why they love it:

This chair encourages motion, rather than forcing your posture all day; it fully supports your back and neck – in a natural way – making it easy to accomplish a variety of tasks while remaining comfortably seated. There are lots of adjustment features like 360 degree swivel arms (great for using handheld technology) and they’re all easy to adjust. It’s also compact, so you don’t have to sacrifice space for a full-featured office chair.

Gesture office chair by Steelcase
Gesture by Steelcase

Our Edmonton Office Movers Favour Think by Steelcase

We call it the ‘smart chair’ because it adjusts its support according to your body weight. How amazing is that? We like the Gesture chair too because both feature Steelcase’s LiveBack System which moves with your body, but the Think chair is available in mesh as well as fabric and leather. We like the mesh option because it’s great for temperature control, and makes it easier to keep the chairs clean.

Think office chair by Steelcase
Think by Steelcase

Vancouver Loves Zody

The team in Vancouver agree (after healthy debate) that the Haworth Zody Executive office chair is a winning choice – one with a green touch. Zody is a versatile and comfortable task chair that prioritizes wellness. Awarded for its environmentally and socially fair practices, “it’s a great choice for offices striving for LEED certification. The chair itself actually 95% recyclable.”

zody office chairs
Zody by Haworth

Winnipeg Recommends Maxon’s Line of Office Chairs

I’m going to recommend a line that I think is simple, durable, comfortable and totally affordable – the Northport line from Maxon.

Maxon offers a range of office chairs that covers task seating, executive chairs and guest seating. They feature everything you would expect from a quality manufacturer including adjustable arm height, seat glide, back tilt, and lumbar support.

Northport task stool
Northport task stool

Halifax Suggests Global’s Zoma Chairs

We often see clients make the mistake of purchasing lobby seating from low cost retailers with the assumption that they won’t be used often. But the fact is, they help people form a first impression about your business. For lobby seating we like Global’s Zoma Chairs. They’re attractive and they can be customized to look good, while still being affordable. They also stack up nicely for moving from place to place when you need a few extra seats.

Zoma office chair by Global
Zoma chair, Global

TurnAround by Inscape a Favourite for Ottawa

I really like Inscape’s TurnAround line because it’s casual, durable, good looking and lends itself easily to a variety of uses. It’s great for standard tables and tall desks, and encourages mobility in the office by being easy to get on and off (rather than in and out of). As we love to say: Get Moving! These office chairs will have your staff doing just that.

TurnAround by Inscape

St. Catharines Chooses Teknion

…definitely something by Teknion… their furniture is so modern and forward-thinking. The RBT chair is very visually unique. It’s almost like a second spine in both form and function. If you want an ergonomic choice that will make a statement, this is the chair for you.

Teknion RBT office chairs
Teknion, RBT chair

Toronto Mad for the Pollock Executive by Knoll

We love Knoll’s Pollock Executive chair for executive offices, and boardrooms. Launched in 1963, it’s reminiscent of Mad Men. The words: sleek, modern and classic come to mind. Depending on your preference, it comes with or without arms.

For fun, check out this New York Times piece on the chair’s designer Charles Pollock.

Knoll Pollock chair
Pollock Executive by Knoll

On a final note, we recommend buying the best office chair your budget can afford. It will serve you well in the end.