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5 New Ideas for Moving Your Office

What moving your office to the beach looks like: man with a desk in the sand

Alternative offices are on the rise. They’re also challenging our idea of what a workspace could, and should, be. Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup or an owner looking for ways to re-imagine the office experience, this post is for you. We’ve discovered some new ideas for moving your office that will get your creativity flowing.

Move On Up!

If you’re tired of climbing the corporate ladder, then a treehouse office may give you just the lift you need to make profits soar. But offices amongst the trees aren’t restricted to backyards and forests. They’re even popping up in urban centres, like this one in London’s Hoxton Square.

Biggest benefits

Get closer to nature. Encourage creativity and free-thought to spur innovation and a healthy work-life balance.

Best suited to

Freelancers and solopreneurs living near rural areas and greenspaces.

Get an Office-on-the-go

From sales reps to realtors, anyone who’s spent time on the road knows how important it is to be well-stocked and organized en route. Your car becomes a second (if not first) office. So what if you notched it up? This article from THRILLIST shows you how you can set up an impressive mobile office on a budget.

Biggest benefits

Increase your efficiency with the right digital infrastructure. You’ll be able to get work done right away, when it’s top of mind.

Best suited to

Road warriors.

Set up Shop in a Shipping Container

There are some seriously amazing things happening with shipping containers. And, an office made from shipping containers is a green alternative to conventional construction. It’s also incredibly versatile. Find the right builder and the design possibilities are endless.

Biggest benefits

A contemporary and affordable option in green construction. Abundant supply. Bonus: They’re fireproof.

Best suited to

Small businesses and startups with a modern industrial feel. Note: shipping container offices are not well insulated. Hence, they are best for temperate climates.

Work the Way Nature Intended It

This new idea for moving your office takes open concept to a whole new level. In fact, it’s so new that it’s still in the prototype stage. Knoll furniture designer Jonathan Olivares is exploring an entire outdoor office suite. The unique project includes rubber flooring, a tent-like sunblock structure and outdoor “office” furniture. You can read more about the inspiration behind the outdoor office here.

Biggest benefits

Fresh air, sunshine and boundless imagination.

Best suited to

Pioneers. Cutting-edge businesses may use an outdoor office for yoga, meditation, or nature therapy. As the modern office evolves, so will its uses.

Opt for Eco-conscious Construction

If moving your office toward a sustainable future means building something new, then use recycled, salvaged and renewable resource materials. You can also design and landscape with water and energy conservation in mind. Check out this unique office building in Kitchener ON, dubbed Canada’s most energy-efficient office.

Biggest benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint. Design to impress.

Best suited to

Businesses that stake their reputation on being eco-conscious.

Thinking about moving your office? Then we’ve got more great ideas to share with you. No matter where you’re moving, we can get you there. Get in touch to speak with a move management professional today.