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3 Common Office Moving Problems and How to Avoid Them

Moving problems force business people to cover their heads with cardboard boxes

Are you preparing a comprehensive move management plan?

Moving offices is a busy and exciting time for your business. You’ve found an ideal space to match your needs. Your team is on board and ready for the journey ahead.

Then moving day comes.

Boxes and bodies are everywhere.

And like it or not, YOU are right in the middle of it.

The Most Common Office Moving Problems

Despite Your Best Plan, Moving Day is Total Chaos

This is probably the most common moving problem office managers face. Granted, there are situations you can’t control—like a broken elevator or air conditioner. But the most common moving problems, the ones that lead to total chaos, can be prevented with proper planning and insight.

Imagine, moving day and the staff is still packing! You’ve run out of packing materials. And no one but you can tell the movers how to set up the new office. What do you mean no one told the account coordinators they were moving?! It happens more often than you might expect. To avoid moving problems that cause unnecessary chaos:

  • Schedule regular meetings with all involved departments
  • Make staff accountable by having them confirm specific tasks at set milestones
  • Do a walk-through of the current and new facilities with your office movers ahead of time
  • Arrange to have a company representative in both the current and new office on moving day before the movers are due to arrive. Clearly identify this person as the main point of contact for movers, contractors and staff
  • If this is your first office move, or you are managing a large-scale office move, hire a move manager to assist your in-house team. Office relocation specialists like Office Move Pro have the experience and expertise to provide you with this service

IT Complications Slow Things Down

Complications related to moving computers, servers, and other IT equipment are common, but avoidable.

The best way to prevent interruptions to your daily business operations due to shipping damage and improper IT systems setup is simple: Back up your data and hire professional movers who specialize in IT and office moves.

Not only will professional office movers safely transport your equipment, they can disconnect, pack and reinstall it. Worry-free.


The number one way to avoid this all-too-common moving problem is to put safety first. Hold a meeting before any changes take place to educate your staff on company procedures. Answer questions and set safety expectations.

Provide a demonstration on how to properly lift and move objects. This is especially helpful for staff whose jobs don’t normally involve such tasks. Ensure the proper tools and equipment—like stepladders, gloves with grips, safety glasses and hard hats—are available as necessary.

To prevent tripping hazards, designate specific areas for garbage, donations, and packed items so boxes and bags aren’t strewn along hallways and in doorways.

For more ways to avoid problems on moving day, check out our article: 5 Easy Ways Facility Managers Can Ensure a Successful Office Move, which originally appeared in Canadian Facility Management and Design magazine. No time to manage an office move? We can take care of it for you. Contact us to discuss your move, and we’ll send over a proposal that outlines what we do and how much it will cost.