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Déménageurs de bureaux d’entreprises à Toronto

Facility Features

  • Entièrement sécurisé et Alarmé
  • Repérage par GPS
  • Entreposage
  • 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse

Notre succursale de Toronto a effectué avec succès des centaines de relocalisations de bureaux et des projets de reconfiguration pour les petites entreprises et des clients gouvernementaux et commerciaux partout en ville.

Le personnel de Office Move Pro possède des compétences et de l’expérience pour le déménagement de :

  • Laboratoires médicaux
  • Agences gouvernementales
  • Organisations sans but lucratif
  • Installations scolaires
  • Usines
  • Bureaux de petites entreprises
  • Bureaux d’entreprises
  • Entrepôts

Des déménageurs commerciaux situés à Toronto et qui comprennent bien vos besoins

En tant que déménageurs commerciaux spécialisés, nous comprenons mieux que quiconque les défis uniques que les organisations doivent affronter lorsqu’elles ont à déménager leurs bureaux. Nous savons particulièrement de quoi nous parlons lorsqu’il s’agit de déménager des entreprises dans la région de Toronto. C’est parce que depuis plusieurs années, nous avons aidé des centaines de clients au centre-ville et dans la grande région de Toronto à déménager et reconfigurer leurs bureaux. Nous savons donc ce qu’il faut pour que vos nouveaux bureaux—et la démarche nécessaire pour vous y rendre—soient bien adaptés à vos besoins.

Notre succursale de Toronto dessert les villes de Mississauga et Oakville, incluant la grande région de Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton et la région du Golden Horseshoe. Si votre entreprise planifie de quitter ou de se relocaliser à Toronto, nous sommes votre meilleur choix pour votre déménagement dans la région.

Alors laissez-nous vous aider à rendre votre déménagement dans la région de Toronto le plus facile possible.

Notre succursale de Toronto vous offre :

Nous nommons un coordonnateur de déménagement à chaque projet. Nous vous fournirons aussi des ressources indispensables afin que votre matériel soit immédiatement fonctionnel. Le développement d’un plan est la première étape à considérer. Lorsque le plan est établi, nous pouvons débuter efficacement l’emballage, l’entreposage et le déménagement de vos bureaux. Le résultat final se traduit par un déménagement sans stress pour vous et tous les membres de votre équipe.


À moins que vous n’achetiez de nouveaux postes de travail et de nouveaux équipements, il y a des chances que vous ayez besoin d’espace d’entreposage temporaire pendant votre déménagement. Nous pouvons entreposer votre mobilier, vos équipements et fournitures excédentaires dans notre entrepôt. Cette installation de 20 000 pieds carrés est entièrement sécurisée et équipée d’un système d’alarme, vous aurez donc l’esprit tranquille de savoir que votre précieux inventaire est en sécurité et bien pris en charge.

Vous voulez réserver votre déménagement à notre succursale de Toronto?

Tout commence avec un devis que vous obtiendrez facilement en ligne. Vous n’avez qu’à remplir notre formulaire en ligne en inscrivant les principales informations sur votre déménagement et nous communiquerons avec vous immédiatement.

Obtenez un devis gratuit

N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous pour toute question, ou si vous voulez effectuer une visite guidée de notre installation.

Vos déménageurs commerciaux à Toronto, Mississauga, la grande région de Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton et la région du Golden Horseshoe.

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Managing Partner

Your entire team is phenomenal to work with, and your responsiveness to the client’s needs is second to none. All of your crew members go above and beyond, and display a tremendous level of professionalism.
— Fatima McIntosh Nicol, POI Business Interiors Inc.
It has been a pleasure working with the Office Move Pro staff, they are all very respectful, pleasant and accommodating. It made a big move for us go very smooth.
— Susan McGurran, Scotia Bank Shared Services Group
I would not hesitate in recommending the crew or Office Move Pro!!! You all made me look good!
— Jane Bates, Merz Pharma Canada Ltd.
They always do a great job but last week was a tougher move as we had difficult clients and various buildings and the weather to contend with. They had to load numerous times and unload in the cold and snow and they were great about it.
— Jennifer Warling, City of Mississauga
Our office houses many paintings and art pieces that require special handling. Office Move Pro was able to come to our office, efficiently assess our move, including the special pieces, and walk us through our move effectively. All staff that we worked with were extremely professional, proficient, and friendly. Not only did Office Move Pro meet our expectations, they exceeded them.
— Gord Burke, Burke and Company
Thank you for the excellent service provided before, during and after our office move. The moving crew was very professional and helpful. Thanks to everyone our office move went smoothly and efficiently. It was a pleasure working with your company and I would highly recommend Office Move Pro to any other organization that may be planning an office move.
— Jeanine Hammar, Clinical DataFax Systems Inc.
It was a pleasure working with you on the 44 King, 24th floor project. Thank you for accommodating our moving requirements and always showing up on time! Hopefully we'll have a chance to work together again in the future!
— Cindy Tsang, Scotia Bank
Overall the project went very well from the furniture installation to the moving of staff from the various locations. The staff used "great" and "wonderful" to describe the guys' work and the help they gave to the staff during the move and fine tune. Thank you from everyone related to the project for the great job POI and OMP did for the City.
— Jennifer Warling, City of Mississauga
The move went exceedingly well, great crews, great leadership. Nice cooperation between everyone at Office Move Pro.
— Gerard McTernan, McTernan Design
I wanted to let you know that the crew that came yesterday to install the glass white boards did a fantastic job and please let their supervisor know what a great job they did yesterday.
— Kristine Gottselig, Bastion Funds
The work that Waldo's team did was seamless. They helped the tech people start the equipment installation immediately. Waldo was always willing to help, asking if there was anything else his team could do, and communicated to myself and Beatriz should we have any questions or needed direction. It was a pleasure to work with him. When you have people like Waldo, willing to help with no complaints, it makes our job easier.
— Steve Baird, Program Manager, Corporate Real Estate, Royal Bank of Canada
A sincere thanks to all of the OMP team members for their contributions in ensuring that the POA carpet install went according to plan. All phases were very successful and I am so grateful for OMP's involvement.
— Claudia Paonessa, Interior Design Services, City of Brampton
It was great to watch your guys work on the weekend, they were extremely professional and efficient throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone that asks.
— Mark Cathcart, Strata Drilling Group
There were 3 groups of people that were not told they were moving last night. The team helped gather the staff belongings and move them to their new stations; they all went above and beyond and did it with a smile. Please forward my appreciation for such a great job.
— Lynn Routh, POI – Business Interiors
Your guys were so good today, I cannot even tell you how happy we are. The supervisor was great. Everyone was friendly. They were fast and thorough. It went so much faster than we could have imagined. Thank you!!
— Jessica Zackheim, Jessica Zackheim Corporate Concierge & Lifestyle Management
The movers were great...they were kind, courteous, extremely helpful, what a great team! No wonder you get recommended over and over. I have not one single thing to say, other than awesome job.
— Linda Hayes, WSI, Milton
I would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you and your staff. The supervisors on site during the office move were spectacular to work with. They made everything effortless. They showed up on time, ready for the day, with positive attitudes and in high spirits. The staff was very professional, fun, organized and very helpful. They made our day easier despite of all the chaos!
— Olivia Dela Paz, Valard Construction LP
I would like to take this opportunity to comment on how professional and efficient all of the staff from Office Move Pro were in unloading/moving furniture and making sure all went smoothly. I was very impressed with all of the staff that were here yesterday.
— Brian MacDougall, McMaster University
Our move was a great success and seamless thanks to your crew! They were organized, very professional, focused and very quick. I was very relieved to have a mover know exactly what needed to be done. I would definitely hire Office Move Pro again and would most definitely recommend the company to anyone. Job well done!!
— Linda Di Pardo, Executive Assistant to Drew Coles, President & CEO, InnVest REIT
I just wanted to thank you for helping us to coordinate our move and commend your movers for their professional work ethic. We were extremely pleased to have been in such good hands and they were all very pleasant, positive workers. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is moving. Very pleased with your services!!
— Louise Chioran, Director of Operations,
The move went really well this morning. The team was very friendly and helpful. Thank you.
— Brittany Cameron, City of Brampton
The people you had come in today to help us pack were awesome!! So fast!!
— Terra-Lynn, Snape, Onex
Today's crew went above and beyond, and I can't express my gratitude enough. The day was very stressful with many different crews on site, no AC, broken elevators...This crew was probably one of the best I have had on site in years. They were calm, professional, didn’t complain (and they had every right to). The supervisor was prompt, hard-working, great at communicating with me, the client and the other trades on site; he stayed and helped do what he could to get the job done and he ran the crew well – he behaved like a leader. POI really appreciated their hard work today; they really did go above and beyond the call of duty.
— Lynn Routh, ARIDO IDC, POI Business Interiors
The crew were great, pleasant and fast. I know we didn’t give you a lot of information ahead of time, and we’re really grateful you were all able to pull it together for us. Thank you!
— Stephanie Little, CHRL, NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT
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