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Virtual Office Move? Signs It’s Time for a Brick and Mortar Building

Co-workers reviewing plans for a virtual office move

Virtual office features like a private phone number, mailing address, and receptionist, appeal to many businesses. They’re especially attractive to freelance and startups that want to maintain privacy and professionalism while working from home. But there comes a time when a virtual office may exhaust its usefulness. If you’re wondering whether the time has come for your virtual office move to brick and mortar, consider the following:

Your Business Is Growing

Growing businesses need a physical space to be at their most productive. A virtual office move provides employees with an actual place to gather and collaborate on a regular basis. While people love to discount the conventional office for perceived inefficiencies like conference room digressions and frequent interruptions, in reality, it provides the quickest way to share critical information so you can keep things moving.

You Lack Personal Interaction

There’s a lot to be said for socializing at the office. Winning ideas are often the byproduct of casual conversation. This type of organic communication, which can only happen in person, allows ideas to flow in a way that more structured channels might inhibit. When communication technologies start to work against you instead of for you, it could be a sign that it’s time to move your team into a shared office.

You Are Building a Brand

As your team expands, a physical office space will help new employees acclimate quickly and build your business culture. Businesses looking to establish a strong brand should consider their physical office space carefully. The building, location, and design, all communicate your company’s values to employees and clients. In short, your office is as much a part of your brand as your logo.

You Have Frequent Client Meetings

A physical office symbolizes commitment and stability. While many business partners will appreciate a technologically savvy and resourceful start-up, eventually they’ll want to see something more permanent. A brick and mortar office is a sign of your success. It represents a solid commitment to your business and your clients.

A Final Word

It may be tempting to hang out your shingle, but moving into an office too soon could be detrimental to your business. Be realistic about your company’s financial position. An office space means overhead – rent, utilities, taxes and insurance. Instead of making this investment right out of the gate, consider setting a financial milestone and make it a shared goal. Once you’ve reached this milestone you can feel good about moving your business – literally – into the next phase.

If your virtual office has finally arrived, it’s time to call professional office movers. We’ll get you moving.