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Hiring Movers for the Office: What Business Pros and Owners Say Matters

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Companies started paying attention to the efficiency of their office space around the 1960’s. This period marked a shift from open plan office layouts to cubicles.  But only in recent years, have businesses started leveraging their office environments to increase performance by improving employee health and wellness. Successful companies now spend more than $9.3 billion to renovate and relocate to healthy, inspiring, and productive offices.

Is it really that difficult then to find movers?

Not really.

There are many professional movers. The trouble is, hiring movers who are insured and established doesn’t guarantee you’re hiring competent office movers.

Your search for the perfect new office space will take a little work. But we want to make your search for professional office movers easier. That’s why we’re sharing insights from top business professionals and small business owners who we’ve helped in the past. Find out about their moving experiences and what mattered most in the end.

Then use these five factors for evaluating and hiring movers based on what’s important to your business.

Professional Level Experience Is Necessary

It may seem obvious, but commercial moves are different than domestic moves. Professional office movers should know the ins and outs of commercial moving from first-hand experience. Business moves are often technical, and require specialty product knowledge as well as the ability to set up the new location according to plan.

From Steve Baird, Program Manager, Corporate Real Estate at Royal Bank of Canada:

The work that (Office Move Pro’s) team did was seamless. They helped the tech people start the equipment installation immediately. Waldo (the supervisor) was always willing to help, asking if there was anything else his team could do, and communicated to myself and Beatriz should we have any questions or needed direction. It was a pleasure to work with him. When you have people like Waldo, willing to help with no complaints, it makes our job easier.

Hiring movers with experience saves time. As Gord Burke of Burke and Company points out below, in addition to specialized services, experienced professionals can easily walk you through the process so you know exactly what to expect. Says Burke:

Our office houses many paintings and art pieces that require special handling. Office Move Pro was able to come to our office, efficiently assess our move, including the special pieces, and walk us through our move effectively. All staff that we worked with were extremely professional, proficient, and friendly. Not only did Office Move Pro meet our expectations, they exceeded them.

So, how do you verify a mover’s professional experience?

Ask for a list of related clients or similar jobs. If the movers aren’t able to provide a comparable job or demonstrate their ability to meet your needs based on previous experience, you know it’s time to move on.

There’s one additional benefit experience offers you…


Experienced office movers can often take on last minute requests and meet deadlines.

Project Management Skills Are a Must

Remember we said specialty office movers provide great value. This is largely because they have excellent project management skills. Project management is a highly underrated criterion in hiring movers. And yet, it’s the backbone of any business move.

Green Standards is an environmental firm that works with organizations to redistribute surplus office equipment. A few years back, they hired Office Move Pro to decommission the offices of three large clients – all at the same time. The reason is that they wanted a single partner they could trust to manage multiple projects.

I just want to express my gratitude to you and your crews during the Enbridge project, in addition to the two other large projects that your guys were working on for Green Standards at the same time. It has been a pleasure working with you thus far, and again I thank you for an excellent job well done!

-Tyler Ostrom, Green Standards Ltd.

Even individual clients have a need for hiring movers with premium project management skills. An example is this comment from the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) regarding a multiphase move that required additional preparation and background work.

Congratulations on making this first in the series of moves such a smooth transition for them and thank you for all your efforts behind the scenes in getting this all together from access cards to ensuring each piece moved reached its destination – to say nothing of the work you all did to reschedule this first move. Two more moves to go – may they also be smooth for those undergoing them.

-Virginia Dabrus, Toronto Transit Commission

Professional office movers will bring their project management skills to bear in:

  • Delivering everything to the right building, floor, or department
  • Liaising with designers and other partners
  • Arriving and completing the job on time
  • Coordinating meetings
  • Overall organization
  • Multiphase moves
  • Communication

The level of project management needed will vary by job, but it is always necessary to some degree. Professional office movers can help you prepare, as well as execute your plan.

First Impressions Count

Don’t underestimate your instincts. The best movers should “have you at hello.” True professionals will be organized, polite, and timely from the start. Remember, their job is to make your job easier. And that begins the moment you reach out for information.

How your movers communicate with you is also a reflection of how they’ll communicate with each other. And when it comes to moving valuable office equipment, reducing downtime and successfully managing the unexpected, communication is key!

From the initial phone call we knew we were making the right decision. The move was extremely well organized and executed. Nothing ever appeared to be too much trouble. Even though we had changed our minds on furniture placement several times. It was obvious that your crew worked together as a team throughout which made for a very efficient day. Thank-you again for making our move stress free!

-Brygeda Renke, Executive Director, AASUA

What else creates a positive first impression?

  • Providing a variety of options to get the information you need
  • Positive reviews and other interactions on social media
  • A professional, up to date website

Testimonials Tell All

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Quality office movers earn testimonials for their excellent work. As this comment from WSI Milton’s Linda Hayes demonstrates, it’s unlikely you will regret hiring movers who’ve been highly recommended by other companies.

The movers were great…they were kind, courteous, extremely helpful, what a great team! No wonder you get recommended over and over. I have not one single thing to say, other than awesome job.

Look for recurring themes in client testimonials. Do they resonate with your specific needs, or your own company culture? If so, you’ve found a winning candidate.

Your company is very organized, hardworking, and friendly. I would recommend you to anyone who is moving. Kevin met me at the old location, he was early and he let me know what would be happening. Travis met me at the new location and his manners and knowledge made it very easy to let the guys do their thing. Your furniture installer was also very informative and friendly. It was a very pleasant and easy move. Thank you again for all your services.

-JoAnn MacLaughlin, Toyo Tires

Remember, In the End We All Must Bend

Even the best laid plans can go astray. When hiring movers, you need to know they’ll be flexible enough to handle last minute requests. And that they can tactfully manage any situation that may arise during the move.

There were 3 groups of people that were not told they were moving last night. The team helped gather the staff belongings and move them to their new stations; they all went above and beyond and did it with a smile. Please forward my appreciation for such a great job.

-Lynn Routh, POI Business Interiors

We were very happy and impressed with the services provided by Office Move Pro. You have accommodated our changing schedules and went the extra mile to ensure we get things done right. I could not ask more of a moving service. Thank you again – we’ll be talking to you for future projects for sure.

-Bobby Bitar, Schlumberger Canada Limited

Office environments play an increasingly important role in boosting productivity and job satisfaction. That’s why many businesses are making improvements or moving to superior spaces.

But proficient office movers are few and far between. They have to apply specific commercial moving knowledge, and balance project management skills with flexibility on-the-ground to ensure your move is a success.

While there are many options, you won’t achieve your goals by hiring just any mover. Take it from your peers, and consider the five factors listed here. Improvements start with how quickly and efficiently you get out of your existing building and into your new space.