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Creating A New Office Plan of Attack​

creating an office plan with diagrams and sticky notes

This office plan is about figuring out what needs to be done and when, so your new space is move-in ready when you are.

The A, B, C’s… and D’s of The Office Plan

letter a

Assessing the Assets

Review your current assets, like printers, computers, workstations and other furniture. Then, decide what equipment you’ll need to move from your current office and what will be delivered new.

You’ll want to prioritize equipment upgrades based on:

  • Necessity: How outdated is it? How important is it to your daily business?
  • Return: Will this investment save time, increase efficiencies, boost productivity, or provide cost savings? How immediate will the return be?
  • Budget: Is it a budgeted expense? If not, how will you cover the cost?

You’ll also need a plan to decommission the remaining office contents. Consider donating items in good condition to local charities, schools or community centres, and recycling the rest. Professional office movers can manage all of this for you. At Office Move Pro, our unique ENVIROMOVE program helps your company do good for the community and the planet. First we prepare a removal plan in accordance with your end of lease agreement. Then we redistribute or dispose of your office contents using environmental best practices.

letter bBusiness Plans, Budgets & Big Picture Thinking

Your office plan should reflect your business plan, budget and big picture thinking. That means taking sales growth into account, as well as the resources – human and otherwise – necessary to achieve your business objectives. Will you require more collaborative space or private offices in the coming years? Or will you hire employees who work remotely? Planning for the future now, will save money down the road, and minimize disruption to your team as those plans unfold.

According to market leader POI Business Interiors:

the rapidly changing workplace needs experts who can create inspirational spaces and respond to changing needs by leveraging space to ensure the long-term investment is optimized.

letter cCreating Custom Culture

The set of shared values that guides your company and its employees is culture. With today’s job seekers ranking corporate culture as high as salary, it’s nothing to overlook. Before deciding on anything – from paint colours to flooring, window coverings, furniture, or signage – make sure your office plan reflects your business culture. Does your company embrace speed and innovation? If so, a sleek and modern office plan might be right for you. When choosing new office space, you’ll already have considered things like size and location to support your culture. So at this point, it’s all about creating the right atmosphere.

Culture (Values) Style Key Elements
Speed and Innovation Sleek and Modern Smooth surfaces, glossy finishes & cutting edge technology
Tradition and Heritage Classic and Luxurious High end furnishings and private offices
Youthful and Fun Vibrant and Playful Open floor plan and bright colours
Wellness Fresh and Relaxing Soothing colours, health amenities and ergonomics


letter dDeciding the Design

Design, beyond decorating, is the critically important layout of desks, conference rooms, lobby furniture, and any other space in the office plan. Its key objective is to look and function according to your company’s values, workflow and other unique requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. While an open concept might be right for your competitor, your company may value office feng shui. In deciding the design for your office plan, maximize the available space to achieve your current goals with a view to the future.

Of course, an office plan isn’t a office plan without timelines. You should start planning anywhere from six to nine months before moving – depending on the scope of your project. This is also the best time to hire your office movers. They can help you coordinate with space planners and designers to smoothly execute your office plan.