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6 Wise Ways to Spend Your Office Improvement Budget

Team discussing and office improvement budget

Facility managers are increasingly challenged to do more with less. Not only are you responsible for managing a broad scope of services, it’s your job to ensure the physical environment is meeting everyone’s needs.

So what happens when your office needs an update?

You’ve got to assemble a budget and devise a plan.

Your budget is the basis for all office improvement decisions. 

With so many office real estate and design options, how do you know where to direct your limited resources?

Here are 6 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Office Improvement Budget:

1. Redesign Your Workspace With Efficiency In Mind

Businesses are often quick to move when space is an issue. An office that will accommodate your changing team is important. But first, make sure you’re using the space you have now to its full potential. Workspace is not static. In fact, most businesses aren’t using their office space efficiently. While it can be a challenge to identify wasted space, it is also critical. Offices that feel empty, or overcrowded, are demotivating. As a result, productivity suffers, which can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line. Redesigning allows you to reap the benefits of a new space without the additional time and expense of searching for a new office. And you can get started right away. Determine your company’s optimal workflow, and design to support it.

2. Upgrade Your Office to Meet Departmental Needs

Upgrading is one of the best ways to get value from your office improvement budget. Your floor plan underpins the specific improvements you’ll achieve for each department – and for the business in general. So starting with good overall flow makes it easier to meet everyone’s needs. Upgrade workstations and other furnishings to improve form and function. Add or remove walls, paint and decorate your space to allow for more light, privacy, collaboration and engagement. What were once cutting-edge tools, may now be obsolete for your business, but useful to someone else. So take advantage of programs like ENVIROMOVE, which can help you reduce waste while recouping some costs.

3. Hire An Office Manager to Anticipate Change

An office manager will ensure your hard work in creating a focused space, doesn’t come undone by the sorts of things no one else has time for – like: ordering office supplies and ensuring fair distribution of resources, coordinating tech support, and building employee morale. Office managers keep their finger on the pulse of daily activities so you can anticipate and prepare for major changes, rather than be blindsided by them.

4. Create An Office That Supports Your Business Goals

Today’s top-performing companies align their physical environment with their business goals. What do you want to achieve? Innovation… Outstanding client services… Energy efficiency? Your office is a valuable resource. It should work to attract and retain talent as well as support your business goals. Invest in what it takes to facilitate your success.

5. Use Meetings, Interviews and Surveys to Track Workplace Satisfaction

Workplace measurement is one of the most underused employee engagement strategies. Many business owners believe that once they’ve improved their office, the work is done. Yet it’s actually the beginning of an entirely new process of monitoring and tracking employee satisfaction and productivity levels. By investing in follow up, companies can cost-effectively create responsive workplaces that meet the ever-changing needs of their business and staff.

6. Brand Your Physical Environment For Positive Employee and Client Experiences

Your brand is about more than your logo. It’s your story. Your values. Invest in improvements that integrate your brand into the office – from colour to layout to furnishings and suppliers, branding allows you to connect with people on an emotional level. The stronger the bond, the more dedicated people are to helping you achieve your goals.

The Bottom Line On Office Improvement Spending

You have an incredible opportunity to engage employees and customers with office improvements. It all starts with a well-conceived budget.

Do you need a reliable team to help move or assemble your office furnishings? Contact us to discuss your improvement plans.