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​How to Communicate an Office Move to External Partners

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Congratulations! You’ve found the office of your dreams – at least for now. But, in all the excitement of ordering new stationery, don’t forget to give your clients, suppliers and other partners proper notification of your upcoming move.

Clarity and timing are the most important factors to effectively communicate an office move with external partners.

Choosing the Right Person to Communicate an Office Move

Taking the time to issue thoughtful communication shows you value your business relationships. Moreover, it solidifies a bond of partnership. So, don’t make the mistake of relegating this important task to a junior staff member, or reducing it to a last minute email.

Once an officer of the company has formally issued the good news, keep your partners in the loop by providing brief progress updates. The tone and frequency of these updates will be largely informed by your company culture.

Communicate an Office Move With Social Media

If appropriate, post pictures of your packing party or the new facility on social media. Use this opportunity to encourage customers to join your social networks. Sharing the occasional moving hiccup can be fun too. It can promote a more human understanding of service delays or mix-ups. But overall, your company must appear in control and keep business as usual, as much as possible.

At a minimum, you’ll need to communicate:

  • Your complete address and phone number
  • Any service interruptions (down phone lines, shipping delays) well in advance so clients can make alternative arrangements, and then again just before as a reminder. Note: Avoid moving your office during your busiest times of the year if possible. If a deadline conflict can’t be avoided, you may want to provide key clients with alternate methods of communication. E.g. mobile phone numbers, or use a nearby hotel conference room as a temporary workspace during the move
  • When you have moved into and are receiving mail at the new office. This notice should be issued on new company letterhead
  • Don’t forget to update your company website, and if appropriate, post a notice on the site during the move if customers may experience service delays

Go the extra mile and get your partners as excited about the upcoming move as you are. Stakeholders should view an office move as a positive step in your company’s future. Look for any aspect of your upcoming office move that will benefit them. For example: will moving closer to your supply chain reduce lead-times, shipping costs, or improve quality control? Will you be moving to a new building with better amenities like additional conference rooms? Or are you moving to a larger facility so you can hire more staff to improve your customer service?

Just don’t over do it.

Gauge how important your business and its daily undertakings are in the minds of your customers and use this as a guide for how much they need (and are interested) to know about your impending move.

And remember, anything can happen in the world of real estate. Be sure your plans are finalized before communicating the details of your office move to avoid potential embarrassment.